Two of our junior teams have represented the Murrumbeena Junior Football Club with pride over the Grand Final Weekends – let’s see how they fared…

MJFC Under 12 Griffins

Murrumbeena JFC Under 12 Griffins 7.8.50 def. by Highett 7.12.54

With one win apiece over the course of the season to the respective Grand Finalists, this game was always going to be an epic battle.  However, when the teams congregated at 3/4 time with Highett leading comfortably by 25 points, our boys had a massive challenge ahead of them.  Nonetheless, there was a significant amount of optimism coming from some of the leaders of the team, and Murrumbeena came out in the final quarter on a mission!  A dominant quarter of football saw the boys slowly but surely peg back the margin, however 3 goals from 7 scoring shots was not quite enough and our boys went down by a mere 4 points.  Fantastic effort by all involved and big things will come from these boys in future years – there are some very talented and tenacious players in this group of boys.

MJFC Under 15 Lions

Murrumbeena JFC Under 12 Lions def. by East Brighton by 40 points

With honors shared over the course of the season, including a draw and a two point result in Murrumbeena’s favor in the Semi-Final, this Grand Final had all the makings of a classic!  It appeared that was going to be the case, with a five point deficit to Murrumbeena at 3/4 time, with Savic and Mcinerney marking everything in the backline, and Schofield, Gardiner and Simmons controlling the midfield and forward zones.  However, our opponents seemed to come out on a mission in the final quarter and made the most of a slight breeze to put the result beyond doubt with a five goal final quarter – the 40 point result not reflecting the competitiveness of the contest.  One couldn’t help but think that these boys will be back next year to go one better!

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