As we prepare for our finals campaign in Season 2018, the committee has already commenced planning for Season 2019. The Committee needs new members to join to continue to support and grow the Lions. A large number of our current Committee represent older teams, including 4 from the U17s team in their last season.

We need a greater voice representing the younger age groups. Our growth comes from the primary schools, and we need to have a deep connection within those communities.

We are calling for an expression of interest from our members now, rather than wait until the AGM on October 22.

We will formally call for nominations on October 1, however many of these roles will require a hand over so the more notice and planning, the more seamless the transition.
The current Committee positions include:

Vice President
Football Operations
Child Safety / Compliance Officer
Sponsorship Coordinator
Coaching Coordinator
Team Kit Coordinator
Merchandise Coordinator
Team Manager Coordinator
Social Coordinator
Match Day Incident Coordinator
Comms Coordinator
Website/ Social Media Coordinator

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email
Louise at and Danny at

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